Strategic Liquidity Partner

For Leading Foundations and Projects

We understand liquidity like few others. How to create, manage and grow it.

Providing liquidity is at our core; it’s where we started and proved ourselves

Proven ability to leverage our cutting-edge technology and deep crypto expertise

Most innovative and authoritative range of OTC products across spot, derivatives, structured loans and funding

A growing global client base of diverse institutions trusts our liquidity provision

To understand how we can support your Foundation or Project, contact

World’s first institutional-grade
staked ETH solution

Strategic collaboration with Blockdaemon and StakeWise to be the sole OTC spot liquidity provider for a new staked ETH (sETH-h) liquidity token, built on Portara, a permissioned liquid staking solution founded on tried-and-tested technology.

Immediately enter or exit a staked ETH position via the secondary market, avoiding any processing queues after the Shanghai Hardfork.

Earn rewards and unlock greater capital efficiency on staked ETH

Stake any amount of ETH efficiently, unconstrained by the 32 ETH staking requirement

First to integrate end-to-end KYC and AML compliance features into its protocol

For APAC and EMEA Clients

Client onboarding

B2C2's goal is to build long-term partnerships for mutual success.

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