Our values

The principles that guide us

Our values


Market pioneers striving to deliver long-term value.

We are constantly expanding, aiming to deliver market leading solutions and services for our clients.

We encourage our people to follow through on their best ideas and make them happen.

We move fast, take considered risks, and are unafraid to fail knowing mistakes provide valuable lessons.


Forward-looking and dynamic in our solutions for clients.

We push for and embrace new initiatives, looking to deliver not just for now, but for the future.

We are creative in providing digital solutions for trading both in traditional finance and crypto assets.

We are dynamic in our style and quick to provide solutions to clients.

We are solution-focused and strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.


Rewarding positive contribution across the organization.

The best people and ideas win. Decisions are based on those that are deemed best.

We look to hire, reward and recognise the best talent and performance, making us a true equal opportunities employer.

We foster an environment where everyone’s opinions are encouraged and shared openly and often.

Promotions, reward and compensation are truly merit based reflecting achievement and demonstrated commitment.


Achieving through teamwork in an empowering environment.

We work together in a unified and respectful approach. Our accomplishments are a combined effort.

We lead with transparency, there’s no time for internal politics.

We value progress over hierarchy and bureaucracy and encourage sharing of ideas and best practice.

We engage with open minds and foster an inclusive and diverse environment enabling challenge and candid feedback.

Risk aware

Informed decision-making considered in our practices.

We recognise that measured risk-taking, within defined limits, is essential to achieve our ambitions.

We hold ourselves accountable for risk analysis in our decision-making.

We are collectively responsible for identifying, assessing, managing, and reporting risk to create a sustainable business.

We are mindful in our design of systems and processes, guarded against cyber attacks and protective of information.

We are fastidious in our day-to-day work, considered in our approach to new initiatives, and compliant with regulations.

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